Welcome to AEON BJJ

An academy established to cultivate and nurture recreational, amateur and professional athletes on their quest for excellence in all areas of life

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Our core values

We have created a safe space where everyone is accepted and loved; a space where everyone is viewed as integral to the growth of the club (regardless of level) and a space that is led with integrity, respect and strength.

What does the word Aeon mean?

The word ‘Aeon’, also spelled ‘Eon’, is Greek and Latin in its origin and it has the following definition: A class of powers, or supernatural entities, created from a supreme being in order to perform various functions in the operations of the universe. An aeon is an immeasurable period of time, in the sense of ages: it is timeless and infinite.

Because we believe it represents the environment we have set out to create, ‘AEON’ is the name of our academy.

At AEON, everyone is equal; we are only as strong as each other. Regardless of the level, regardless of the age and regardless of the social status, we will always rely on each other for growth. Growth for one of us means growth for all of us.

Aeon BJJ Academy Wimbledon London
Aeon BJJ London Adult Classes

Adult Classes

Our adults classes attract a wide range of individuals of varying abilities, from those with a desire to lose weight and keep fit to those who fight in professional MMA bouts. Every session caters to the unique requirements of each student and we ensure all individual needs are identified and met.

Youth Classes

Our youth classes start at the tender age of 5 and are designed to cater for multiple learning styles. Our focus will always be on developing a tenacious growth mind set and placing value on process over results.

Aeon BJJ London Youth Classes